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volume mixers are the perfect choice for mixing colors, recycled materials, or additives with ingredients
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 Plastic Color Mixer(RSM Series) 
 Features Specifications:
The characters of the machine> Spiral leaf need to be welded before processing in orderto shaft concentricity and run smoothly.
> Materials in the tank can be round stirred like swirl todecrease mixing time.
> The surface of machine made of stainless steel where will be contact the equipment and raw material in ordeto clean easily,and avoid rustiness.
> Low power,large mixing capacity,sealed mixing ,mixed evenly in short time,no leakage.
> Overload protection device for motor and chain protection device for power source to double protect the safety of motor and workers.
> Euip with oil refueling device and dust-proof plaste undthe frame in order to durable bearing. (Apply to RSM-500/100).
> Auto-stop device, the setting range for auto-stop is up to you, easy and durable.
> Equip with hand-operated cut-off plate for discharge port, convenient for discharging.
> Uuniversal caster and brake, easy for adjusting and moving .(Apply to RSM-80/160/260).
> Nice apperance, easy-dismounted design, convenient for maintenance. 

RSM series Rotation Mixer suitable for powder, granule, solid plastic material and color masterbatch mixing. This series is a kind of large plastic color mixer. It is better than the traditional plastic color mixer in some defects.And also,it is characterized of large mixing capacity,low energy consumption and high efficiency. It is widely used for plastic extrusion, injection processing. 

In general the mixing time is 5-10 minutes.
The voltage specification of machine is 3Ø,380V,50HZ.
The voltage can be changed as you require. 

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