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Product Description
Mixer (paint mixer with plastic raw material also applicable in chemical and food medicine industry) The machine is used to mix colors with granular raw materials of plastics, as (powder).
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Features Specifications: : Plastic Color Mixer 
The characters of the machine
> The surface of machine made of stainless steel where will be contact the raw material.
> Interlock protection device, guarantee the safe for machine and operator. 
> Mixed evenly in short time, low energy consumption, high efficiency. 
> Automatic stop device, the setting range for automatic stop is 0-99 minutes. 
> The discharging outlet mounted close board, convenient for discharging. 
> Uuniversal feet wheel and brake, easy for adjusting and moving. 
> Attractive appearance, easy-dismount design, convenient for maintenance.

RM series vertical color mixer suitable for powder and granule mixing, the ideal structure and appearance, easy and simple for operation, quick mixing with fine mixing result and also easy for clean and maintenance. It is mainly used for plastic mixing and stirring and as well as widely used in the departments of powder metallurgy, pharmacy, chemicals, foodstuff, ceramic ware. 

1) In general the mixing time is 3 minutes. 
2) The voltage specification of machine is 3Ø,220/380V,50/60HZ. The voltage can be changed as you require.