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Product Description
LOADER is a suitable device for transferring all kinds of plastic materials to injection machines. Blowing extruders and other plastic machinery (with different capacities). According to the fact that in most cases over-occupied workers do not apply to the timely filling of materials, the machine will not be able to produce due to lack of raw materials.
Product supplementation

LOADER  is a tool for transferring all kinds of plastic materials to plastic injection machine, ,

Using three-phase ground-based materials, material can be displaced over longer distances
The advantage of the use of materials is the permanent filling of production devices and never produces a lack of materials. (with different

Features Specifications:

The characters of the machine

> The separable design of main machine with charge basket, safe and convenient.

> The overload device on motor.

> Computer control operation, simple and easy for operation.

> Independent filter cleaner, convenient for accumulated dust cleaning.

> Quiet device, reduce the operation noise.

> The material shortage auto-alarming protection device

MKP series auto-charging machine uses stainless steel charge basket and high-efficiency vacuum motor and motor overload protection device and material shortage auto-alarming device, it has the characters of light and durable, strong suck force,simple and easy for nstallation, and operation

The position of the machine and the type of raw material used in the materials of the Milan are:

1. Land Resources

2. Air

3. Spiral

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