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Milan Kala Plast was established in 1978 in the field of manufacturing Industrial plastic parts and expanded it to make plastics molds and machineries. Understanding the manufacturers' need to improve the production process and quality , We have cooperated with the best manufacturer. Using the best CNC machines in accuracy and speed, MKP machines are comparable with the most reliable machines for injection and accessories in the world's plastic industry. Milan Kala Plast uses expert and efficient manpower, In accordance with the customer-oriented satisfying needs, to provide timely delivery of services , such as sales and after sales support. MKP offers a full range of value-added services including mould designing , manufacturing, and guarantee. Based on belief that customers are the wealth, validation and future of the company, Milan Kala Plast do its best to seek out their needs and provide their services and satisfaction.
Special products
  • Injection machinery

    Injection machinery

  • Plastic Blowing Machine

    Plastic Blowing Machine

  • Plastic Industry Accessories

    Plastic Industry Accessories

  • Moulding


Why should you choose MILAN KALA PLAST

Because of the precise machining and designing ,
In comparison to other Chinese brand ,our machines work softly with a firm ,calculated layout without vibration which leads to the strength and long life of them.
According to the customers request , to facilitate moulds working, We use T – technology in the clamps which reduces the thickness of the plates. To compensate for this reduction , we increase the weight of the plates and frames.
Other Companies don’t compensate these things which leads to the weakness of clamps and eventual failure.

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After sales  service online section of Milan Kala Plast

Is ready to offer its services to the honored customers even  on holidays

We fulfill our periodical services ,  Ten  years after sales services and  Two years guarantee 

In Plastic industry and machineries our experienced technicians dedicate the highest quality support  to  earn  customer satisfaction.